Anode - A Positive Connection
Changing Lives, Giving a Voice, Fighting Poverty



Anode is a Charity that provides a holistic service to help an individual through challenging times by engaging with one or more of our programmes.


We look to build a foundation that encourages self belief, independence and responsibility.


Our Motto is "Changing Lives, Giving a Voice & Fighting Poverty" we are passionate about helping out where needed.


This website will introduce three service programmes that look to fulfil our motto.



Please see specific pages for detail.




Anode services are accessed through multiple agencies. We are currently working with many groups including Housing Associations, Support Workers, Care Trust and Rehabilitation Programmes etc.


Anyone seeking help from Anode should first seek introduction through a relevant agency or phone us on 01803 556571 for advice on how to access the relevant services.



The Values of Anode are built around people. We believe that each person is to be treated with kindness, compassion and respect. We safeguard the wellbeing of each client, volunteer and staff member.